• Abigail Coale

How To Get The Best Wedding Photos

What's the secret to AMAZING wedding photos and videos? You obviously want to choose a photographer and videographer who do amazing work, but here are a few things that are in your control to get the BEST footage on your wedding day.

1. Lots of portrait time

The more time you set aside for portraits, the better. This is why it's often so beneficial to do a first look. By doing a first look, not only are you getting extra photos and videos, you're also able to do more before the ceremony. That means no guests waiting around and no hiding from your cocktail hour. Plan your first look to be at least two hours before your ceremony (but three is even better) so that you have ample time for couples portraits, wedding party pictures, and family formals. More time means less stress, and more time for your photographer and videographer to try new creative ideas. It also means hopping right into your party once you've been announced as partners in marriage!

2. Natural light

When researching venues, keep lighting in mind. Is there natural light from windows and doors in the rooms that will be photographed? Often ceremony and reception spaces are better lit, but don't overlook getting ready suites. Dark rooms lead to more variables in the way that photographers and videographers shoot and can ultimately make your images dull or grainy. The more natural light the better.

3. Choose your wedding party wisely

No one wants a Debby Downer, an attention hog, or an uncooperative troublemaker in their wedding party. Spend time selecting loved ones that will be meaningful, enthusiastic, and cooperative during your big day. This will help out your photo/video crew more than you know, and better reflect the happiness that your wedding is all about. If your photographer and videographer don't need to spend time shepherding your VIPs or trying to talk over everyone, you'll get to the party even faster.

4. Vibe with your crew

You should love and trust all of your vendors! Besides your partner and wedding party, your photographer and videographer will be the ones you spend the most time with on your wedding day. You should like them! If you vibe with them, not only will it make them work better to impress you, but it will also be reflected in your photos and videos. Think about it - if you're grumpy all day because your photographer annoys you, chances are you're not going to look joyful in your photos. Choose vendors who match your energy and feel like friends.

No matter what, your wedding is yours, and you call the shots. This is just our two cents on how to capture these memories even better!


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