• Abigail Coale

6 Unique Things To Add To Your Wedding

You've seen bubbles and sparklers, but what are some other unique options to have at your wedding? Not only are these total crowd pleasers, they'll also add a little something extra to your images and videos!

#1 Confetti

Consider real flower petals or herbs if you're outdoors as an eco-friendly way to throw confetti at your wedding. The best time for this is when you walk down the aisle as a married couple after the ceremony, or something spectacular at your reception.

#2 Ribbons

Buy or make ribbon wands for your guests to wave as you exit the ceremony or reception space. This is such a great way to include color and movement into your gallery.

#3 Balloons

This works best during or at the end of your indoor reception. Drop or toss balloons onto the dance floor and have fun bouncing them around. If you're working with a nautical theme, you could do beach balls instead!

#4 Smoke Bombs

This is also an awesome, unique way to bring color into your images and videos. To keep it controlled, consider having just your wedding party hold the smoke bombs behind you during portraits.

#5 Champagne

Pop the bubbly! The key with champagne is to shake, pop, and get your thumb over the opening for the perfect spray. This is usually best with just you and your partner, or add your wedding party in for a little something extra.

#6 Streamers

Streamer cannons, anyone? You can grab streamer cannons online or at a craft store and allow guests to shoot them off at the perfect time to greet you at your reception entrance or say farewell after the party. Or, just use them as decor!


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